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Chuck Ervin is retired from a successful business career in aviation and defense. Having traveled all over the world working and meeting with members of royal families, diplomats, government officials and military officers in more than 30 countries, Chuck wanted to take a lot of what he had learned over the years about science, geopolitics, and the military and create a literary work. The first fruits of that is his first novel The Defection of Nahbi. Chuck is continuing the Nahbi series with his second novel Call Sign Hammer.

The Defection of Nahbi: A High Tech Terrorism Thriller

The Defection of Nahbi

Lieutenant General Parvez Jhalawan is the head of Pakistan’s Intelligence agency. He harbors a deep hatred of the western democracies and is determined to strike a crippling blow against them using terrorism on a scale never before seen.

David Logan was one of the Army’s top intelligence officers in Afghanistan until an improvised explosive device ended his military career. At Cambridge University, he meets and falls in love with Tiera Aquilina. Scuba diving near Malta after graduation, they discover something incredible buried in the sand near an ancient shipwreck.

In London, an international team is hastily recruited in a desperate race to defeat General Jhalawan’s terrifying plan. David and Tiera’s mysterious discovery could tip the scales. Unfortunately, the Russians and the Chinese have their own agendas…

What Reviewers Say

• “The Defection of Nahbi is a very well researched thriller that will chill you to the bone. I couldn't put it down!”

• “Great read! Fast paced. Plausible plot. Compelling. When I put the book down I could not wait to return to it. I have highly recommended to my friends. Author is detail focused and knowledgeable of special ops, military and middle east cultures.”

• “Great book with lots of action that keeps you reading just one more page before stopping. I am anxious to continue the series.”

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Call Sign Hammer: A David Logan and Nahbi Series Thriller

Call Sign Hammer

Lieutenant General Parvez Jhalawan is the head of Pakistan’s Intelligence agency and has access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Recruited by the CIA, David Logan goes undercover on a top secret French Special Forces mission to capture Jhalawan before he can use the devastating weapons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader has called for the destruction of Israel. American and British intelligence sources confirm that Iran now has enough nuclear weapons to carry out that threat.

No Israeli agent has returned from a mission to Iran for over ten years. The danger to Israel is now so great that the Mossad risks their best agent in a desperate attempt to eliminate the Iranian threat.

Israel has stunned its much larger enemies before with brilliantly executed pre-emptive military strikes. Facing the threat of nuclear annihilation, can they do it again against an enemy ten times their size?

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